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Singer from the sea

Tepper, Sheri S.

New York : Avon Eos, c2000.

523 p. : maps.

A good and proper aristocrat on the isolated, seemingly backward planet of Haven, Genevieve has been carefully instructed in the Covenants -- the ancient, inflexible laws governing the women of her class. She knows what is expected of her: marriage in her mid-twenties to a groom of her father's choosing, childbirth at age thirty. And then soon afterwards -- as has been the lot of so many noblewomen before her -- perhaps death.

But there is another Genevieve within who longs to heed the call of the sea -- though she has never once seen the vast waters that cover most of her homeworld's surface. For an unheard voice is crying out to her across the centuries, drawing her ever-closer to a terrible truth hidden beneath a smoke screen of rules, tradition, and propriety. And it is Genevieve who must fulfill a forgotten destiny -- something inborn passed for untold generations from daughter to daughter -- or she and the entire civilization of Haven will be swept away on a cosmic wave of oblivion.

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LC Call No:

PS3570.E673 S57 1999

Dewey Class No:

813/.54 21


Tepper, Sheri S.


Singer from the sea / Sheri S. Tepper.


New York : Avon Eos, c2000.


523 p. : maps.




Social ethics--Fiction.


Natural obligations--Fiction.

Field Ind Subfield Data
001 Control No     10115
005 LastTransaction     20191002084822.0
008 Data Elements     020814s1999 nyub 000 1 eng
010 LCCN   $a Record content licensor  99010231
020 ISBN   $a ISBN  978-0-380-79199-6
035 System Ctrl No   $a System control number  (DLC) 99010231
035 System Ctrl No   $a System control number  (MvI)MCV00373236
040 Cataloging Src   $a Original cataloging agency  DLC
    $c Transcribing agency  DLC
    $d Modifying agency  DLC
    $d Modifying agency  OCoLC
050 LC Call No 00  $a Classification number  PS3570.E673
    $b Item number  S57 1999
082 Dewey Class No 00  $a Classification number  813/.54
    $2 Edition number  21
100 ME:PersonalName 1   $a Personal name  Tepper, Sheri S.
245 Title 10  $a Title  Singer from the sea /
    $c Statement of responsibility  Sheri S. Tepper.
260 PublicationInfo   $a Place of publication, dist.  New York :
    $b Name of publisher, dist, etc  Avon Eos,
    $c Date of publication, dist, etc  c2000.
300 Physical Desc   $a Extent  523 p. :
    $b Other physical details  maps.
650 Subj:Topic $a Topical term  Women
    $v Form subdivision  Fiction.
650 Subj:Topic $a Topical term  Social ethics
    $v Form subdivision  Fiction.
650 Subj:Topic $a Topical term  Natural obligations
    $v Form subdivision  Fiction.
852 Holdings   $h Classification part  PF Tep
    $p Barcode  69287
    $9 Cost  $6.99
    $a Location  PS
961 wl  $t   22

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