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Jamaica Inn

DuMaurier, Daphne

New York : Avon, c1936, c1999.

302 p.

The coachman tried to warn her away from the ruined, forbidding place on the rainswept Cornish coast. But young Mary Yellan chose instead to honor her mother's dying request that she join her frightened Aunt Patience and huge, hulking Uncle Joss Merlyn at Jamaica Inn. From her first glimpse on that raw November eve, she could sense the inn's dark power. But never did Mary dream that she would become hopelessly ensnared in the vile, villainous schemes being hatched within its crumbling walls -- or that a handsome, mysterious stranger would so incite her passions ... tempting her to love a man whom she dares not trust.


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DuMaurier, Daphne


Jamaica Inn / Daphne duMaurier.


New York : Avon, c1936, c1999.


302 p.


Love stories.


Romance fiction

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245 Title 10  $a Title  Jamaica Inn /
    $c Statement of responsibility  Daphne duMaurier.
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    $b Name of publisher, dist, etc  Avon,
    $c Date of publication, dist, etc  c1936, c1999.
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650 Subj:Topic $a Topical term  Romance fiction
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