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The haunted bridge

Keene, Carolyn.

New York Grosset & Dunlap 1972

180 p.

Mr. Drew is on the trail of an international ring of jewel thieves and asks Nancy to assist him. The trail leads to a summer resort area. Before Nancy has a chance to start work on her father's case, a golf caddy tells her a frightening tale--in the dense woods nearby is an old wooden footbridge guarded by a ghost! Intrigued by the caddy's story, Nancy decides to investigate. Several riddles confront the young detective as she attempts to solve the mystery of the haunted bridge and track down a woman suspected of being a key member of the gang of jewel thieves.


Fiction (Chapterbooks) - ElementaryFiction (Chapterbooks) - Elementary

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Keene, Carolyn.


The haunted bridge/


New York Grosset & Dunlap 1972


180 p.


Nancy Drew mystery stories.


Mystery and detective stories.

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