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Sexploitation : helping kids develop healthy sexuality in a porn-driven world

Pierce, Cindy, author.

Brookline, MA : Bibliomotion, [2015]

xvii, 210 pages ; 22 cm.

As surprising as it may be to parents, young people today are immersed in porn culture everywhere they look. Through Internet porn, gaming, social media, marketing, and advertising, kids today have a much broader view of social and sexual possibilities, which makes it difficult for them to establish appropriate expectations or to feel adequate in their own sexuality. Even more important, no one is talking to kids directly about the problem. Parents tend to convince themselves that their children are immune to cultural influences, wait until it comes up, or hope schools and pediatricians will address the issues. Educators and doctors may be able to start the conversation but it is fundamentally a parent's job to provide information about sex and relationships early and often to help young people find their way through their social and sexual lives. Delaying the necessary but awkward conversations with their kids leaves them vulnerable. The media, marketers, and porn and gaming industries are eager to step in anywhere parents choose to hold back. Sexploitation exposes the truth to parents, kids, educators, and the medical profession about the seen and unseen influences affecting children, inspiring parents to take the role as the primary sexuality educator. With more information, parents will gain conviction to discuss and develop values, expectations, boundaries, and rules with their kids. Kids who enter their teens with accurate information and truths stand a better chance of developing an "inner compass" when it comes to sex and relationships, which sets them up for a healthy adulthood. In her comic and straightforward style, Pierce brings together the latest research with anecdotal stories shared with her by high school and college students in the thick of it. Above all else, her goal is to get people to develop more comfort around those difficult conversations so that kids gain more confidence and courage about drawing boundaries based on their own values not those put upon them.


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978-1-62956-089-2 (paperback)


978-1-62956-089-2 (paperback)

Dewey Class No:

176/.40835 23


Pierce, Cindy, author.


Sexploitation : helping kids develop healthy sexuality in a porn-driven world / Cindy Pierce.


xvii, 210 pages ; 22 cm.


text rdacontent.


unmediated rdamedia.


volume rdacarrier.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 181-198) and index.


Sexual ethics for youth.






Sex instruction for children.



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    $b Remainder of title  helping kids develop healthy sexuality in a porn-driven world /
    $c Statement of responsibility  Cindy Pierce.
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264 ProductnNotice $a Place of prod/dist/manuf.  Brookline, MA :
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504 BibliogrphyNote   $a Bibliography, etc. note  Includes bibliographical references (pages 181-198) and index.
505 ContentsNote 00  $t Title  Inner compass --
    $t Title  Unplugging --
    $t Title  Porn culture --
    $t Title  Sexuality education for younger kids --
    $t Title  Sexuality education for older kids and teenagers --
    $t Title  Worthy girls --
    $t Title  Empowering girls --
    $t Title  Worthy boys --
    $t Title  Setting boys free --
    $t Title  A hookup culture fueled by alcohol --
    $t Title  Moving beyond hookups: finding communication and pleasure.
650 Subj:Topic $a Topical term  Sexual ethics for youth.
650 Subj:Topic $a Topical term  Pornography.
650 Subj:Topic $a Topical term  Sex.
650 Subj:Topic $a Topical term  Sex instruction for children.
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